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The April 2018 New Moon Wants Us to Reach For the Stars & Imagine All the Possibilities

With combinations in play that will not repeat until 2094* opportunities are around to manifest new intentions. As Pablo Picasso once said,” Everything you can imagine in real.” This is the exact kind of magical and manifesting energy to use for the April 2018 New Moon taking place on April 15th.

Interestingly enough this is the SAME day that Mercury goes direct – ending 2018’s first Mercury Retrograde period. This New Moon, highlighting Aries the sign of the pioneer, is GO TIME. It’s time to take everything we’ve experienced over the last 3 weeks and hit the ground running. The only caveat is that where we go from here has the potential to truly surprise the pants off of us.

Here’s an excerpt from the April New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

Go Time Arrives Once Again

But the fact of the matter is that something is going to have to be different this time around. The April Aries Cazimi New Moon, arriving on April 15, 2018, won’t have it any other way. This is going to be a New Moon that has potential to surprise, enlighten, revive and shock us all at the same time. With combinations in play that won’t be around again until 2094* – this is a New Moon to grab by the reigns and do something important with.

Everything you can imagine is real. — Pablo Picasso

If you can believe it in your mind — eventually in some way shape or form it takes root.

It doesn’t happen over night but with time anything is possible with the right ingredients. The questions I want to ask you at this New Moon juncture have everything to do with what you’ve been recently thinking about. Those thoughts that have been swirling around over the last few weeks are telling now. Some sort of revamp is in motion. This is the point where we’ll have an opportunity to take whatever we’ve been thinking about to a totally new level.

The recent astrological climate has been intense and there is no denying that change is in the air. However, there are benefits cropping up at the same time. The good news is that this New Moon marks the sweet spot for Mercury stationing direct. Ding dong Mercury Retrograde is now over and it’s time to take all those redos, revisits & revamps and go full frontal…

* Uranus and the Sun will be in an almost exact conunction in Aries at this time. Given the slow movement of Uranus through the signs, this won’t happen again  until 2094.…..

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