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The April 2018 Full Moon in Scorpio Takes Place on April 29th & Delivers An Important Karmic Twist

With the Moon’s Nodes highlighting old karma that needs to finally be released important developments are underway. It’s also possible that some of us will end up in some encounters of the magical kind.  Scorpio is known for being the sign of the dead and those that have past away. Whether someone dear to you makes an appearance or you feel some sort of dejavu experience— signs are in play. It’s just a matter of how open we will be to receiving the message.

Here’s an excerpt from the April Full Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

Creation & Destruction Work Hand In Hand

The transformative sign of Scorpio knows that best. And we’ll get to witness this first hand on April 29th, 2018 with a ‘tell all’ Scorpio Full Moon. No one keeps a secret better than Scorpio—but all bets are off when a full moon dances through her dark waters. Scorpio is the Moon’s weakness because it’s the sign of her fall.

An important turning point comes into play and a decision will need to be made by some of us out there. Full Moons are about completion and letting go. Something in our lives needs to evolve and either close out or be taken to a new level. This is where the destruction part of the story comes into play.

And no sign destroys better than Scorpio.

A volcano comes to my mind when I think of this sign’s powerful destruction abilities. Quite frankly, I bet either you or someone around you will feel like erupting when the clock strikes this Full Moon. It’s going to be intense because Scorpio wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before I get into the nittie gritties, I want you to keep in mind that a volcano’s symbolism isn’t just about destruction. A volcano represents creation too. When a volcano erupts it certainly does destroy everything in its path. But in burning everything down it gives the perfect opportunity for something to take bloom upon the blank slate. This has happened time and time again all over our earth.

For everything that dies, a new creation and growth eventually takes its place. That is the essence of the regenerative sign of Scorpio.

Death (destruction) and life (creation) are embedded in together. One can’t exist without the other.

Recently I visited the Big Island of Hawaii and learned about Pele, the beautiful goddess of Volcanoes. I listened to ancient stories involving her lusty and erratic behaviors—right alongside her big heart filled with gentleness and love. She had an immense capacity to love but was jealous, unpredictable and capable of great fury and violence (similar to a volcano). Most importantly, she was perseverant along with passionate in everything she needed to destroy. No entity could surpass her firey beauty and spirit. And no force could be reckoned with the fire that fueled her.

Goddess Pele sounds rather Scorpionic wouldn’t you say? Of course, I can’t say for certain what her sign was but I feel pretty confident in my astrological guess. Scorpio, after all, is all of these characteristics and then some. Even though its an emotional water sign there is simply no denying a powerful fire in its eyes.

Power and Scorpio should never be taken lightly.

Scorpio’s power goes beyond the normal parameters. It waits quietly in the shadows and instinctively knows what the end game is. Scorpio’s patience, persistence, and willingness to go places that many others wouldn’t even consider, allow it to continually become the phoenix rising out of the ashes. Maybe some of us out there have been patiently waiting in the shadows and this full moon marks our decision to strike.

This destructive and intense energy will dominate the April Full Moon scene. But it will also come along with some intuition, insight and magical occurences…..

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