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A special moment is in the making as we get ready to embrace the April 2017 New Moon.

The New Moon this month is going to be Cazimi —which adds a little more luck or magic (of some sort) into the air. Despite all the retrograde nonsense, the universe is aligning to give us a nice little pop. Retrogrades indeed make us go back – but this April New Moon is something to look forward to. Many of us out there need a new twist in our ever changing stories and that’s precisely what’s in store.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only April 2017 New Moon in Taurus Article:

“Sometimes only the BEST will do.

The April 2017 New Moon will highlight the sign that loves the finer side of life most – Taurus (6° ♉ 27). It will take place on April 26th, 2017 (8:16AM EST / 5:16AM PST) and bring the sign that loves all things good and great front and center. There are some exciting possibilities that will come along for this New Moon ride—but I say that with a grain of salt. My reason is because Taurus isn’t one to dream about the possibilities. It’s a sign that needs something concrete in order to believe that anything is possible.

The April New Moon, however, may be just the ticket to prove that notion to my Taurus friends. With a very special combination involving Mercury and Uranus, an innovative & inventive energy will be swirling around for the taking. This New Moon will also be Cazimi – which means there is a little extra luck or something auspicious that comes out of it.

No bull – this is a New Moon with a ton of potential.”

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