Moontide Femme by Anna Briggs of Annas Breath

A New Season and Astrological Year Begins With the 2020 Aries Equinox

 Astrologers have long used the first day of any season (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter) to forecast the tone of the next three months ahead. With the Sun entering the sign of Aries on March 19th (Pacific) / March 20th (Eastern) we can’t help but get in tune with a major awareness that ‘change’ is in the air. The rising urgency of the Corona Virus will likely be a major theme at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

At the point of the equinox, a resurgence of energy wants to take over and new seeds are looking to be planted. Aries is the sign that’s the pioneer and one that jumps into anything and everything.  It’s got a brave heart and doesn’t need much convincing because it’s the thrill of the unknown that drives it forward. We can use it to help keep us looking ahead. 

The Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the entrance of Spring and the Southern Hemisphere will welcome Autumn. The day and night will be perfectly balanced and as a result, some of us may find an equilibrium despite a lot of the uncertainty in the air.

When the Sun enters Aries a very powerful astrological time awakens

The new astrological year begins with the emergence of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac that embarks upon a fresh start.  We are all being asked to pioneer something new and radical. There is no time like this to move outside of comfort zones. This becomes more pronounced with major planetary player, Saturn making a momentous sign shift into Aquarius. The radical shift creates an important awakening and forces us to start seeing areas that are out of alignment in our lives. With Saturn’s sign change important dynamics will now begin to shift. We will see this quite profoundly over the next several days with the other combinations coming into play.

This 2020 Aries Equinox also holds a strong “Earthy” energy with Uranus + Venus in earthy Taurus and 4 other planets in the sign of Capricorn.  Despite all of the radical shifts, there is no time like the present to find your way back to the earth and make a connection to it.