MoonHere’s a handy list I put together called Tips for Visiting a Psychic for anyone toying with the idea of seeing what the future has in store.

This is a busy time for people who have a knack for future telling like myself and I know a lot of you are thinking about “what’s in store for me”.  I get it – I think about the same things. If you’re considering seeing or talking to a psychic, fortune teller, or anyone who dabbles in the future this is a must read!

Being an astrologer, I clearly dabble in the future ALOT – however I’m a practical person and love sharing advice on getting a good deal (I am a Capricorn rising after all!).  My practical nature lead me to write this list because I think it’s important to get the most bang for your buck and not be lured into spending more than is necessary.

I myself have visited mediums, psychics and other astrologers.

I can attest to having both good and bad experiences.  There’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up about a reading and then getting totally let down.  At the end of all my readings, I always make sure to ask a person if they feel good (which is super important) and confident that they are walking away with good information.

I’m probably a little more skeptical than most which is probably ironic since I am an Astrologer LOL ;-)  However, I know prior to walking in to see someone what the tone of my future looks like and if what they say doesn’t match it – then they are immediately nixed from my list.

I also grew up with a skeptical parent and he taught me well in being able to clearly define a person well versed in dancing with “the other side.”  My Dad, who is also an Astrologer and the person I  learned the art from, always prepped me prior to visiting anyone.  We have a long history of meeting fortune tellers, mediums and tarot card readers.  Along with all of those visits comes a myriad of stories of people we would run to see again very willingly and others we would keep far far away from.  His guidance was always important in being able to really know if the person we were embarking upon seeing was “for real” or not.

My hope in this list is to now share the guidance with all of you :-)

Tips in Visiting a Psychic

As you embark on your research in deciding who to book an appointment with please make a note of these 8 Tips for Visiting a Psychic or any future oriented person.

If you follow them, you’ll make your experience that much better and walk away confident with the new information you gained.

1) Don’t give away personal information.

My Dad always told this to me before we visited anyone since we have been to several mediums and psychics.  Let the person tell you everything they have to say before you add any snip-its.  I personally find that I do a much better reading if people don’t sway my thoughts and tell me details.  A good psychic will be able to hone in quite easily on your current situation and give you details about the future without you having to say a word.  Towards the end of the reading, they may ask if you want them to elaborate on anything in particular and that would be the key time to add some details.  The key rule is “KEEP QUIET.”

2) Save your questions till the end.

Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in asking that we forget to listen to what is being told to us.  Most often if you listen first, your questions will be answered by the end.  They just may not get answered in the exact order you were thinking.

3) Write your questions down.

People get excited prior to a reading – or at least I know I do ;-)  Sometimes you can get so caught up in the excitement during the reading that you forget what you wanted to ask.  So it’s important to make sure you write things down prior to your visit and make sure those questions get answered before you leave.

4) Be open to hearing all information.

Sometimes the future entails things that we’re not so excited about.  It’s up to us to listen to what is being said and be open to the possibilities.  Things will always align in the way they are supposed to and it’s always for a reason.  You just may not be so accepting of what’s in store at that particular time.

Here is a note I recently got from an existing client showcasing what I mean ….

Dear Crystal,

I loved the initial reading I had with you in the spring of this year. I am sure that you have had previous clients tell you this before: you told me everything I wanted to hear and everything came true …just not in the way I had envisioned or hoped. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear and instead of getting everything we want, we get everything we need. Your work has helped and sustained me through rough and seemingly unpredictable times. Thank you for all you do.

5) Record your session.

I record all of my sessions because I think it’s important to be able to look back and listen to the reading again.  Sometimes things don’t make sense in the given moment and then later on it totally clicks.  Having a means to listen to what was said again is super important in being able to put pieces together and understand the true meaning of what was being communicated.

6) Don’t buy additional “remedies” or “cures.”

It really bothers me when I hear people tell me that they went to see someone and then decided to buy some sort of package that would “cure” or “fix” their ailments.  It’s crazy to hear how much people will spend on kooky things that will supposedly cure them or allow them to regain balance.  I’m sorry but there is NO magic potion available to fix us.  Talk therapy is priceless, however, and that is really the only additional thing I would recommend to anyone going through a hard time.

7) Get a referral or read what others have said.

As an astrologer I love being right.  I work very hard in weighing all the elements and really take pride in my predictions.  You should definitely check out what others have said prior to walking in to a reading.  Even though everyone has their own experience it’s handy to know that someone you trust felt good about their experience.  Nearly all of my clients come from referrals and I think it’s important to tell others if you’ve had a good experience.  This will help people be confident in setting up an appointment.

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8) Have Fun.

This is really the most important tip.  The person you’re talking to should be positive!  Despite any challenges (and we’ve all got a few of them when it comes to the future) a good reader will be able to help you see the positive side and give you the confidence to get through it.  When you leave a reading you should feel great, excited and ready to take on whatever the future has in store :-)

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