Saturn Uranus Square Explained Feb 17 - Dec 24 2021

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Saturn Uranus Square: The Most Important Combination of 2021

Major waves are in the making as the planet of conservatism (Saturn) challenges the planet of radicalism (Uranus). Learn more about what the Saturn Uranus square means in our personal lives and how long its influences will be coming into play. The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) will be feeling the push to go outside the box strongest of all. Saturn (in Aquarius) will square Uranus (in Taurus) three times exact. These dates are February 17, June 14 and December 24. Both of these planetary energies will be creating important developments all through out 2021, but these periods will be particularly impactful.

February 17: Both Saturn & Uranus Direct (equal strength)
June 14: Saturn Retrograde (weaker) & Uranus Direct (stronger)
December 24: Saturn Direct (stronger) & Uranus Retrograde (weaker)

All the lunations and other celestial events taking place all through out 2021, will accentuate what these two planets are looking to accomplish. Saturn demands structure, order and rules. Uranus demands change, something different and a distinct call for freedom. Expect to see and personally encounter a new kind of rebelliousness.

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