My 2021 Astrology and Horoscopes Forecast & Inspiration Guide Has Arrived

I’m very excited to announce the completion of my very first annual astrology forecast guide. I’ve been writing annual forecasts for years but I wanted to do something extra special this year for added insight, inspiration and intuition. Whether you realize it or not, you all have your own insight inside of you and sometimes connecting with the right message and messenger allows you to tap into it, in the most profound way.

2020 has been a GAME CHANGER …. now that it’s finally nearly over it’s time to find out where the story takes us NEXT!

Art has always helped me tune into the planetary message and I am grateful to have crossed paths with Lori Menna of Cosmic Collage. Her work inspired me on a deep level and helped pull the planetary message of 2021 together. Our visually inspired detailed forecast will allow you to easily learn about the powerful combinations of 2021, their history and what they mean as we get ready to embark upon an entirely new journey into the next.

2021 delivers an abundance of Aquarian brilliance. It’s about thinking outside the box, getting in tune with your unusual and exploring totally new facets to who you are. 

The year ahead is also about the Collective, Your Tribe and Group Effort. We need each other as we embark upon a brand new tide. Together, Lori & I inspired a collective energy and created one of the most visually stunning and informative 2021 guides that will give ALLYEAR LONG.

Discover how the planets align for you in 2021 and what they mean as you get ready to forge into the next. Gain access to annual forecasts for every sign, cosmic tips and wisdom for the dominant planetary energies, lunar cycles, mercury retrogrades and over all 2021 terrain. I promise you will not be disappointed!

This book will help you aim far and wide, with practical wisdom and tools to help you initiate your new and out of this world annual goals. 

Purchase by 11/30 and get a free ticket to my LIVE DIGITAL December 20 Solstice Event!

Here’s What People Are Saying About the Guide

“Crystal B Astrology’s 2021 Manifest & Intuit guide is a gem!! Full of inspiration and important info about the year we are about to begin.”

“This is AMAZING! Easy to read, absolutely beautiful and loaded with lots of info!”

“I like how you wrote this guide in such a positive way – we all need that! Even if there will be challenges, it gave me hope. I feel a huge positivity boost. It’s a lot to think about and already I’m having a lot of AHA moments.”

Cost: $24.99

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