2018-2019 Eclipse Horoscopes: Getting In Touch With Our Karmic Path

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Get In Touch With Where Your Karmic Path Leads With Your 2018-2019 Eclipse Horoscope

In order to learn more about our personal karma we have to look at the Moon’s Nodes. The Movement of the Moon’s Nodes & how they are working in our personal astrology is key to honing into the big picture.

At the time we were born the Moon’s Nodes, or karmic indicators of our soul’s mission, were in 2 particular signs. They ultimately relate back to the signs that the eclipses of that period were taking place in. For example, all babies born between the end of April 2017 through mid-November 2018 will have their Nodes in Leo and Aquarius. These are the signs the Nodes are currently operating in.

On November 15, 2018 the Nodes will transition into Cancer and Capricorn taking us into a new cycle.

The sign indicated by the North Node at the time of our birth is where we’re going – while the sign indicated by the South Node is where we’ve been. For further detail into where our Nodes were located at the time of our birth, check out: Discovering Our Karmic Destiny with the Moon’s Nodes

What’s important to keep in mind is that the Moon’s Nodes are always moving in and out of the signs – affecting us in various areas all throughout our lives.

Their sign placements are indicators into where we are working NOW in order to ultimately get to where we’re supposed to. It also marks opportune moments where we can BREAK karmic contracts that have been holding us back. Sometimes it’s nice to hone in closer into what the heck we’re supposed to be doing in the current time from.

The Moon’s Nodes are what drew me into work with Past Life Regression and connecting it to our personal astrology. We are all here for a reason and on a mission so to speak. Knowing where you’re ultimately supposed to go – in addition to what you’re supposed to be working on now can help us get a little closer to the satisfaction and happiness we’re all looking for.

On November 15, 2018, the Nodes will change signs. They will transition into Cancer & Capricorn taking us into a new phase of soul development.

Interestingly enough, this important transition will coincide with Venus being reborn as the morning star at the same exact time.  Click here for further info into the Venus retrograde cycle and why it’s so important in our lives — particularly with our most important relationships.

Take a look at your Lunar Nodes Horoscope to reflect upon the themes of your life that have been under development since 2017. Also find out where you go in the next cycle (into 2019-2020) with the nodal shift into Cancer & Capricorn.

Remember that it’s always important to look back with the Nodes – not just ahead. They actually never transit (move) forward …. they are continually moving BACK (in a counter clockwise motion) through the Zodiac.

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