Moon Garden by Mai Autumn - season of super moons

Moon Garden by Mai Autumn

Get ready for a powerful year-end close with three back to back Super Full Moons.

If you’re still waiting on big things to happen, there is a lot of possibility on the horizon. Three back to back Super Moons will close out this year of change on a super-charged note. We’re embarking on another zone where impactful things will take place.

Given that these are Super Full Moons, we have some hints into what to expect. Full Moons naturally create endings as well as new turning points. They help bring closure to projects, jobs, important themes and relationships. In addition, they create new developments and awareness that take our situations to an entirely new realm.

Expect some super-sized turning points as a result.

I personally love a Super Moon. Each one is beautiful beyond compare because they are so BIG and BRIGHT. The Moon is actually closer to the earth at these “Super Moon” moments, which allow us to see her beauty a little more up close and personal.  We will all start to see (and likely feel) these big moons several days before they reach peak – because they will be so bright.

Now, it’s not only the Moon’s look that will be impactful.

Each Super Moon’s energy will be strong—think “super-sized.”

This can work for us but it can also create challenge if we’re not prepared for the energies in play. Full Moons, in general, push us to make decisions. With a Super Moon we might be pressed harder than usual to make a conclusion of some sort. Of course, the caveat is that some of us don’t like to be pushed so hard.

At the very least we should be aware that these Super Moons are in motion, so we know what the “freak” is going on during these important times.

Here is the Line Up of the Three Back to Back Super Moons that will close out 2016:

October 15th/16th, 2016 (23 degrees Aries):
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November 14th, 2016 (22 degrees Taurus):
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December 13th/14th 2016 (22 degrees Gemini):
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