Last New Moon of 2014 Comes in Cool Capricorn Style

The last New Moon of 2014 falls in ambitious Capricorn and will take place on December 21st/22nd (depending on your time zone).  It’ll pack a ton of zing into your zang and perhaps help many of us get into DO mode and get something going. Capricorn style is about to take over the Zodiac. By the time the last new […]

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Karmic Wheel of Change In Motion Again: Pluto Uranus Square December 2014

The Karmic Wheel of Change is in motion once again. On December 15th, 2014 another trigger of change comes to the table and if you’re caught up in this transformational cycle – you’re probably starting to feel the change factor looming already. The Pluto Uranus Square December 2014 is in full effect. Pluto and Uranus are about to meet up […]

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Jupiter Retrograde 2014: Catch The Jupiter Juju

The good luck planet, Jupiter, is about to sprinkle some good juju into the air and maybe you’ll be able to catch some of it.   This is a moment where something fortunate, an opportunity or even a little luck could find you unexpectedly. Be open to the possibilities and if you’re looking for a little boost […]

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Last Full Moon of 2014

A shift – a jolt – a change – or whatever you want to call something that makes you alter your course – is coming. Maybe you’re already feeling that FEELING that comes  over you before something comes.  The one that makes you get goose bumps but you never really admit that you felt it to anyone … because […]

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