Uranus The Wild: Shaken Not Stirred

With the sign of Aquarius prominent in the skies right now – I found it only fitting to write a little about the planet that works so closely with it. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and he’s a wild, genius and rather unpredictable character that we’ve all come across at some point in […]

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Total Energy Loss: Mars and Neptune Drain

If you’ve been feeling a total energy loss or drain lately – you’re not alone.  The planets are set up in a way right now that’s making it very hard to tap into our energy zone.  We’re totally zapped.  Sleeping, lounging, daydreaming and doing plain ‘ol nothing has probably been tempting you a lot lately. Mars […]

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Survival Tips For Mercury RETRO Zone: Jan 21st-Feb 11th

Mercury retrograde is notoriously known for being problematic in areas of communications, travel and technology.  You can, however, use these periods to your advantage if you know how to DEAL with the energy in play. Mercury is a little trickster after all – so if you know what’s up his sleeve you can beat him […]

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January Supermoon 2015: Supermoon Fever in Full Swing

The January 2015 Supermoon is in play.  Things are about to kick up another few notches and this one might put your individuality into prime focus. On January 20th, 2015 we’ll experience our first Supermoon of the year and it has a lot in store for each and every one of us…. if you’re open […]

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In A State of Flux? Answers Soon To Be Revealed.

Times are a changing and we’re a changing with them.  Some of us are comfortable with the unknown and others can’t wrap their heads around what’s coming next. The New Year has brought in enthusiasm, optimism,  and curiosity about what’s personally ahead.  No matter how you slice it, however, most of us are still in some sort […]

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High Energy Zone With The First Full Moon of 2015

We’re in an intense and likely emotional energy zone right now as we gear up for the first Full Moon of 2015 which will take place on January 4th, 2015.  There’s a ton of planetary energy mixed in this bag…. which will make the days ahead anything but dull. Our January Full Moon falls in the emotional […]

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