Next Stop: Scorpio Solar Eclipse Central

Fasten your seatbelts – we’re about to hit our next stop – Scorpio Solar Eclipse Central. The ride through the month of October has been intense.  This emotional ride has taken us through many different bends, curves and perhaps allowed us to see things in a totally different way.   There have been things gained and lost. Some […]

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Cleaning Out The Relationship Cobwebs with Chiron

There’s a lot of scrutiny on relationships right now – all sorts of relationships.  Situations – particularly longstanding one involving lovers, partners, friends and family members are all under the microscope.  A lot of things are happening all at once and it’s causing some mayhem. Old hurts are re-surfacing and inner resentments re-examined …. and for […]

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October 2014 Eclipses: How To Handle The Lunacy

Eclipse season is in full swing and only half of the October 2014 Eclipses story has been told! The month of October brings two back-to-back eclipses throwing many of us into “high energy” situations – whether we want to go there or not.  The emotional (and eventful) roller coaster ride has officially begun and the […]

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Karma Junkie

I’m a Karma Junkie and you might be too. But before you can confirm or deny it- let me explain what it means Karma is defined as, “The Buddhist belief that whatever you do comes back to you.” It’s the boomerang affect and the essence of fate, destiny and all things that happen which are […]

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