Monthly Astrology September 2014

Crystal B.’s Monthly Astrology September 2014 is here! The biggest event in September is the Pisces Supermoon which marks our finale of 2014 Supermoons.  It’s time for another transition and push to take more leaps of faith. We’ll also have our Libra Equinox and officially welcome a new season.  The other important shift taking place in the month […]

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Manic Monday Virgo New Moon

It’s just another Manic Monday but this one has “something new” starting alongside it as we kick start out week. The Virgo New Moon (2 degrees Virgo) takes place tomorrow and jump starts us all into “getting organized” and swinging into new routines.  Nobody knows how to work a routine and create precise order quite […]

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Mars in Scorpio Throwing Monkey Wrenches

It’s monkey wrench central thanks to Mars in Scorpio.  If you’ve been feeling like something has been messing with you or you’ve had to come up with some backup plans – it’s quite likely you’ve been dealing with the trouble maker Mars. Mars is the planet that makes things happen.  He’s the fire starter and catalyst that […]

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Luck & Love: Jupiter Venus Conjunction in Leo

Special delivery approaching with the Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo.  The two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac are gearing up for their annual play date and we’ll all be able to tap into their good fortune if we want to. On August 18th, 2014,  Jupiter and Venus will conjunct and not only throw some extra […]

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