Mars in Scorpio Throwing Monkey Wrenches

It’s monkey wrench central thanks to Mars in Scorpio.  If you’ve been feeling like something has been messing with you or you’ve had to come up with some backup plans – it’s quite likely you’ve been dealing with the trouble maker Mars. Mars is the planet that makes things happen.  He’s the fire starter and catalyst that […]

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Luck & Love: Jupiter Venus Conjunction in Leo

Special delivery approaching with the Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo.  The two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac are gearing up for their annual play date and we’ll all be able to tap into their good fortune if we want to. On August 18th, 2014,  Jupiter and Venus will conjunct and not only throw some extra […]

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Monthly Astrology August 2014

Crystal B.’s Monthly Astrology August 2014 is here!  There will be a lot of driven energy available if you need it with Mars (our action planet) travelling through Scorpio – a sign it works ultra well with.  Perseverance will also be easily found if you’ve been working hard towards a goal.  Most importantly, there’s some fun to be had […]

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The Fault In Our Stars: Star Crossed Lovers in Astrology

I recently decided to take a break from my Astrology books for some good ‘ol Summer reading . A friend let me borrow “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green and how could an astrologer not be enticed by such a title? I quickly found out why it became a #1 New York Times […]

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