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Why I’m Taking A Gemini To My Next Social Gathering

Taurus New Moon: A Lovefest with a BIG Caveat

Time to Roll With the Punches: Mercury Retrograde Back Again

Mothers and the Moon

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Why I’m Taking A Gemini To My Next Social Gathering

Marilyn Monroe: One of the World’s Most Famous Gemini’s Gemini loves fun and it’s taking the spotlight right now. The Sun just entered this playful territory and will continue to operate there through June 20th. If you’re planning on going out ANYWHERE – seriously consider taking someone born under this sign with you. You won’t be disappointed or […]

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Taurus New Moon: A Lovefest with a BIG Caveat

Love, in all shapes and sizes, is always yours for the taking. May’s New Moon highlights the sign of Taurus, which helps to throw some love where it’s needed most. It’ll take place on May 17th/18th, depending on your time zone, and bring the element of love onto the scene. It just may not happen in […]

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Mothers and the Moon

Everyone always talks about their Sun sign but the Moon is likely more important. It’s the place that represents your mother, feelings, peace, contentment and overall emotional satisfaction.   Discovering how it operates in your life is a fascinating discovery. There are three things you should always look at when it comes to learning more about your […]

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The Astrology of Death

I want to begin this post by saying that I do not predict death. Astrology is a picture language, and despite there being key trigger points that can indicate a soul moving onto the next plane, it is never certain which way these combinations will actually manifest. Given that I’m a scientist in many ways, […]

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Everything Taurus

Taurus is likely the most loyal and trustworthy sign of the Zodiac.  If you have a Taurus on your side – you’re golden.  There is no comparison to the love they can give and they can be very affectionate as well as warm-hearted.  They are patient, calm and take their time in reacting to situations -which […]

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Monthly Astrology May 2015

Crystal B.’s Monthly Astrology May 2015 has arrived and I know a lot of you out there are more than happy to say good-bye to April! May kicks off with a high-energy Scorpio Full moon but then things come down several notches and we can finally begin to operate in lighter terrain.  Mercury will also […]

Scorpio Full Moon

May Full Moon in Scorpio Lighting Up the Dark

The May Full Moon takes place on May 3rd, 2015 and will light up the dark and mysterious sign of Scorpio. This is going to be a great opportunity for many of us to tune in, shine a light and gain some new insight.  Secrets could be revealed and mysteries of the past finally solved.  Thoughts hidden […]


Taurus Takes the Scene

The sign of Taurus is about to take the scene and steal the show. A calming after the storm is in the works and we can thank the sign of Taurus for the shift.  With a TON of Taurus energy around there’s no doubt that her energy is about to  steal the show.  The Sun, Mercury and […]


Power vs Powerlessness: Pluto Retro 2015

Power in all shapes and sizes is about to come into focus. Power vs. powerlessness are the focal points.  Who has it and who doesn’t are likely questions that may begin to crop up in your mind.   You could be asking these questions about yourself … or someone else. If you find yourself thinking about where you stand in the […]

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Game Changer: Lucky Jupiter Stations Direct 2015

We’ve got a planetary game changer in motion and if you’re looking for a lift this is going to help. The lucky planet Jupiter is going to start moving forward again on April 8th, 2015 and this sets the stage for some emotional lift, feel good energy & overall good fortune.  Many of us need a shift […]

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