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Ask the Crystal: October 2015

October 2015 Astrology

Using Our Personal Astrology to Pick a Halloween Costume

Reshifting Our Focus and Beliefs: Saturn in Sagittarius

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Ask the Crystal Slider October

Ask the Crystal: October 2015

Here’s October 2015’s Ask the Crystal member questions answered. Q: A lot of strange things started happening to me at the end of September. The biggest being my serious boyfriend telling me out of the blue that he’s leaving.  We have been together for several years and I just don’t get where it came from. […]

October Astrology

October 2015 Astrology

Crystal B.’s October 2015 Astrology has arrived and there’s lots of good things to report – including an auspicious finale that we’ve all been waiting on. The month ahead includes more twists and turns – in a good way along with tons of Halloween fun. I know that many of us are still dealing with things and […]

Saturn in Sag Slider

Reshifting Our Focus and Beliefs: Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius season is officially in full swing. Saturn is officially in Sagittarius and will remain in the free-thinking, open-minded and worldly sign till the end of 2017. Some shifts are more important than others when it comes to astrological influences. Saturn’s sign change is definitely a game-changer. He only changes signs every 2 1/2 […]

Solar Eclipse Slider

Virgo Solar Eclipse: Let a New Chapter Begin

A new chapter in many of our lives is about to begin. The time has come to set some intentions for what you’d like to see next in your story. My recommendation is to aim high because a powerful planetary energy is manifesting that we all can tap into if we want. Between September 12th and 13th (depending […]

Venus Direct Slider

Moving Ahead with Venus Direct 2015

A much needed shift will take place on September 6th, 2015 when Venus, the planet of love & relationships, turns direct. All of the intensity surrounding relationships, health issues and money that have been building over the last 7 weeks will finally begin to come together. Questions involving relationship issues and other Venus related themes (money, health, beauty, what […]

September Slider

September 2015 Astrology

Crystal B.’s September 2015 Astrology has arrived and it’s going to be quite the show. This is the point where major endings and beginnings come into full effect. With two back to back Supermoon Eclipses, a Mercury retrograde through relationship centered Libra and lots of love fest energy swirling around —there’s something for everyone to […]

Everything Virgo Cover

Everything Virgo

Virgo is truly one of the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. Many are quick to refer to Virgo as critical and perfectionistic but few truly understand their mode of operation. I wanted to paint a little bit of a different picture of the inner workings of this complicated sign in order to set the […]

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Leo New Moon: Tap into the Good Vibes

New Moons are the perfect time to ask the universe for what we want and set intentions for ourselves in how to get it. August’s New Moon (peaking on August 14, 2015 in 21 degrees) falls in fun & creative Leo—the sign that likes to take center stage and put on a good show. No […]

August Slider

August 2015 Astrology

Crystal B.’s August 2015 Astrology has arrived with some sizzling sparkle— with lots to reveal including details about the Summer Super Moon! There is a lot to discuss in matters pertaining to love, luck, opportunities and most importantly an action packed Summer Super Moon. So grab a comfy seat, take a deep breath and get ready […]

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