Moonstruck: 2014 Summer Supermoon Effects On You

It’s time to get Moonstruck – 2014 summer supermoon style.  Both July and August’s Full Moons are going to leave us with more than just a few things to talk about.  It’ll be rather interesting to toss around the possibilities of what’ll surface – because of the moon’s intensity.  We’re in the midst of a “Summer of Supermoons” […]

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Monthly Astrology July 2014

Crystal B.’s Monthly Astrology July 2014 is here!  There’s no doubt about it – the month of July will be anything but dull.  With a Supermoon, important planets changing direction, lots of eclipse insight &  loads of Leo energy whirling around - we can all expect an important and beneficial month ahead. Many of us will have a lighter step […]

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Are You A Karmic Goddess?

Are you a Karmic Goddess or God? The notion of Karma hits everyone’s mind at some time or another.  The idea that past actions can affect present situations is ancient and one that continues to live on in people’s minds. Do I believe in it?  Sure I do – I’m an astrologer after all and […]

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