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July 2015 Astrology

July Full Moon: Summer of Love Kickoff

Love, Luck and Leo: Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015

Remembering to Love the Sign of Cancer to the Moon and Back

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July 2015 Astrology

Crystal B.’s July 2015 Astrology and a kick off to a summer of love has arrived! A high energy Full Moon creates some major sparks and pulls us into an eventful month indeed. With 2 Full Moons, a Venus retrograde and lucky as well as energizing planetary combos, the month ahead will be anything but dull. There will […]

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July Full Moon: Summer of Love Kickoff

Get ready for some sparks. The first July Full Moon is going to be igniting quite the energy fest with lots of opportunities for the taking. Full Moons always create high energy and I have no doubt that this one, falling on July 1st, 2015, will deliver big time. There is going to be a […]


Love, Luck and Leo: Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015

More great planetary combinations are in the works with Jupiter and Venus gearing up to collide in the playful sign of Leo.  The 2nd part of June will just keep on getting better.  The two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac are gearing up for their annual play date and we’ll all be able to tap […]

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June New Moon in Gemini: Ask and You Shall Receive

The power of the universe is a remarkable phenomenon. Tapping into its potential is all about finding the right time to seize your opportunity. Astrology gives us the precision we need to put this into action. The June New Moon in Gemini, peaking on June 16th, will begin a series of planetary events that will help […]

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Ask the Crystal Column

The Ask the Crystal Column is gaining lots of attention and producing real results! This is a real astrology column with real predictive insight and no other astrology site has anything like it.  If you’re looking for specific insight – this is the place to go. Every week, Crystal personally sifts through her emails and […]

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The True Nature of Gemini

Given that it’s the time of year that all of Gemini celebrate their birthdays, I thought it fitting to share just how great they really are. The Sun entered Gemini territory officially on May 21st, and it will continue to operate here through June 20th. These are just a few of the many benefits they bring […]

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