How Do YOU Trust the Universe?

A silly question perhaps – but just how do YOU trust the universe?  The notion of leaving YOUR fate up to a “mystical” or “non-real” entity is rather stifling.  However having some amount of trust that things are happening in your life  for a reason can be quite satisfying – particularly when things get rather […]

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Using Astrology to Pick A Halloween Costume

In honor of the upcoming Halloween season, I thought I’d have a little fun describing how you might go about using your personal astrology to pick a Halloween Costume. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac are unique and have a different way of expressing themselves.  The astrological traits we carry naturally come out on one […]

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You’re Invited: Karmic Destiny Dance

There’s a Karmic Destiny Dance coming up that we’re all invited to and it’s an affair you just don’t want to miss.  Whether or not you decide to partake in the festivities is totally up to you – but I’d hate for you to miss out on all the awareness that’s in store  Karma’s coming and […]

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Join me in Costa Rica in Janaury 2015 for an experience you’ll never forget! I’ve teamed up with some amazing ladies to offer one of the best retreats available. Look forward to finding out all about your 2015 in addition to rejuvenating, reenergizing and experiencing something like never before!  Check out for all the […]

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Monthly Astrology September 2014

Crystal B.’s Monthly Astrology September 2014 is here! The biggest event in September is the Pisces Supermoon which marks our finale of 2014 Supermoons.  It’s time for another transition and push to take more leaps of faith. We’ll also have our Libra Equinox and officially welcome a new season.  The other important shift taking place in the month […]

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